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Technology august 15, 2016

Use Your Phone To Tune Your Guitar

Fender's offering is the first in a series of connected apps to help musicians improve their tune and connect with other players

Design & Architecture august 2, 2016

Adobe's Virtual Oil Paint Simulator Adds Texture To Your Screen

The program allows for 3D drawings to be digitally-rendered in real-time

Design & Architecture april 1, 2015

A Natural Toothbrush Picked from a Tree

Miswak Club offers natural oral hygiene alternative more effective than regular brushing

Work february 11, 2015

iPhones Converted into DIY Projectors Convey E-Waste Epidemic

Artist Julia Christensen creates installations crafted from what we've deemed discarded media

Work january 12, 2015

Instagram As Art, What Does Your Feed Look Like?

Weevmee stitches together unique and shareable pieces of woven art from Instagram feeds

Cities may 23, 2014

Crowdfunding Campaign Wants To Reboot A Lost Spacecraft From 1978

Scientists race against time to harness a drifting satellite as it passes by the Earth.

Cities april 7, 2014

Could The Selfie Be The New Face Of Paper Money? [Video]

Narcissism may be the only way to keep physical currencies alive.

Technology september 20, 2013

Artist Turns The Simpsons Into Cubist Masterpieces [Video]

See Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa transformed into pop art.

Arts & Culture september 16, 2013

Iconic Photos Show Editing Before Photoshop [Pics]

Prints from the darkroom of Pablo Inirio, Magnum Photos’ master printer, feature the hand-written edits that turn a photo into a memorable shot.

Advertising august 7, 2013

QR Code Murals Turn The East Village Into A Giant Scavenger Hunt [Pics]

New street art project is the perfect combination of art and technology.

Mobile february 21, 2012

Run-Down NYC Phone Booths Transformed Into Communal Libraries

New York architect redesigns these essential city landmarks turning them into pop-up book-borrowing kiosks.

Work september 13, 2010

4Chan And The Rethinking Of Art and Aestheticism

A brilliant new commentary suggests we can learn much about the intent and context of art through online social interactions and planning.


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