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Fashion october 14, 2016

You Can Now Dress Up Your Beard With Jewelry

When just growing one isn't enough, you can now decorate your facial hair with this new line from Italian brand Krato

Gaming & Play october 13, 2016

Art Installation Uses Ping Pong As A Medium To Control Music

The platform adds a challenge to the game by making players set and keep up with the tempo

[Inspiration] Illustrators visualize the modern complexities of identity and relationships
[Inspiration] Designers create digital-first fonts inspired by IBM typewriters
Retail october 13, 2016

These Modular Headphones Let You Swap Out All The Parts

AIAIAI's TMA-2 includes 500 different configurations for listeners to personalize their gear

Arts & Culture october 12, 2016

Exploding Star Recreated For Artist Exhibition Using Colorful Pixels

The work by Mark Barrow and Sarah Parke uses images of a 20,000 year-old celestial explosion taken by the Hubble Telescope

Arts & Culture october 12, 2016

Artbot Creates A Constant Stream Of Abstract Expressionist Art

The "electropollock" is the recent invention combining technology, art and robotics from ::vtol::

Arts & Culture october 12, 2016

Fake Monument Creates Fictional Fun For Tourists

The Staten Island Ferry Disaster has designed a statue and accompanying documentary

Advertising october 11, 2016

Museum Of Modern Art Adds Silent Viewing Hours

For the month of October, solitude-seeking patrons can enjoy their favorite pieces beginning with a group mediation

Arts & Culture october 7, 2016

Tattoo Artist Inks Bullied Boy’s Back Brace Free Of Charge

12-year-old Xavier was gifted a renovated and confidence-boosting device depicting a great white shark

[Inspiration] The Manhattan hotel that welcomes graffiti
Augmented & Virtual Reality october 5, 2016

Experiment On An Unlimited Canvas With This VR Art Tool

Gravity Sketch lets artists sketch things in the air instead of on a flat screen

Arts & Culture october 5, 2016

Historical Masterpieces Updated To Reflect Our Modern Love Of Phones

A designer has inserted mobile devices into classic works of art to bring attention to our technology addictions

Design & Architecture october 5, 2016

Designer Uses Copper Pipes To Create A Full Map Of The London Underground

The three-dimensional installation premiered at the design junction exhibition in London


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