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IoT april 8, 2015

PizzaTime Clock Delivers Hot Pies to Your Door

This working smart clock from Artefact will order and monitor the progress of your pies while you wait

Technology june 18, 2014

Concept Bracelet Acts Like A Wallet On Your Wrist

Token is designed to help wearers make sense of their financials on-the-go, through a simple series of touch interactions.

Technology march 13, 2014

Epilepsy Tracker Explores How Wearable Tech Can Ease The Pain Of Chronic Conditions

Dialog helps people get a better understanding of their condition.

Work november 21, 2013

Mini Energy Kit Stores And Transports Electricity For Developing Countries [Pics]

Could this be a step towards combating the global problem of limited access to power sources?

Design & Architecture july 22, 2013

Brainstorm Inspiration Cards Help Generate Ideas Faster

Artefact for iPhone enables users to capture and share their ideas quickly in different formats.

Home july 7, 2013

PSFK Audience Helps Identify Future Home Tech [Future Of Home Living]

Products and ideas our readers think will shape home environments and the way we live.

Work june 16, 2013

Creating A Product That Inspires Positive Human Behavior [PSFK SEATTLE]

Rob Girling of Seattle-based design firm Artefact speaks about the journey of developing a new product.

Retail may 5, 2013

How Design Thinking Can Guide Startups Better [PSFK SEATTLE]

Seattle-based Artefact is a design consultancy that creates next-generation products and user experiences

Work january 13, 2013

WorkforceDNA - A Concept For The Future Of Work

To support the Future of Work Report, the Artefact design group imagines a possible tool for the workplace of the future.

Home october 25, 2012

Infographic Art Thermostat

Serenity is a tool with e-ink that tracks information about your house like temperature, lighting, sound, and energy usage.

Sustainability november 16, 2011

Reusable Water Bottle Tracks Its Environmental Impact [Pics]

999bottles is a concept design from Artefact that lets you count what you've saved and then visualize it with a smartphone app.


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