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Culture march 9, 2016

The Secrets Behind Designing an AI Persona

In a future ripe with AI assistants, machines must seem more human

Culture may 8, 2014

AI Personal Assistant Reads The News As You Wake Up [Video]

This personalized alarm clock emulates the futuristic ideas presented in Spike Jone's film 'Her.'

IoT december 16, 2013

10 Things You Need To Know Today

A long-overdue McDonald's app, Ford makes an automatic car, and more.

Culture june 17, 2010

The World Cup of Robots: Bend It Like R2D2

On June 19th, devices from world-renowned universities will compete in Singapore for RoboCup 2010.

Technology october 29, 2009

(Video) Social Robots Detect and Respond to Emotion

Over the course of a decade, robotics engineer David Hanson has been working with great minds to create robots that are as socially interactive as humans.

Mobile august 7, 2009
Culture january 16, 2009

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