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Ai september 22, 2016

IBM Watson Has Crafted A Trailer For A Horror Movie About AI

The system used machine learning techniques to comb through hundreds of examples and put together a frightening clip

Work september 13, 2016

Enterprise Assistants Will Redefine Work Culture

PSFK’s Future of Work Report explores streamlining business processes to future-proof the workplace

Advertising september 8, 2016

How Artificial Intelligence Is Evolving Outdoor Advertisements

A new prototype billboard has been designed to respond to the emotions of passersby

Ai september 7, 2016

Sony’s New Home Assistant Bot Is Taking On Amazon Echo

The prototype device uses voice recognition to control devices in a connected space

Ai september 6, 2016

PSFK’s Workplace Vision: Facilitating The Interview Process For Everyone

Watch our Future of Work vision video, showcasing an app that aids hiring companies and prospective employees during job interviews

Ai september 2, 2016

NASA Brings Artificial Intelligence To Firefighters

Partnered with wearables, AI is being used to make first responders safer on the job

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Ai august 18, 2016

This Bot Will Remember Anything For You

Wonder is a custom AI that is designed to capture important information and seamlessly recall it when needed

Augmented & Virtual Reality august 16, 2016

CuratedAI Is A Magazine Written By Machines, For People

The publication is the product of data scientist Karmel Allison, which utilizes a vocabulary of 190,000 words to generate content

Ai august 12, 2016

Chatbots Are Getting Lessons In Empathy From A Machine

Koko emulates human-like responses to make AI interactions more fluid and productive

Advertising august 4, 2016

Campaign Challenges Programmers To Break A Code To Receive Free Snacks

Popcorn brand Halfpops has created a contest for talented coders with a prize of a month worth of treats


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