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Retail november 4, 2016

Art Project Asks Buyers To Pay More If They Want To Know Who Made A Piece

Be prepared to spend double the amount if you want to know the creators behind this clay art collection

Home september 8, 2016

Store Offers Unique Cutlery And Dishware For Imaginative Dining

The retail outlet features designers who create experimental products that stray from the typical rules of functionality

Sustainability august 29, 2016

Brewing Company Turns Car Emissions Into Ink

Tiger Beer has created a sustainable process to transform air pollution into supplies for street art

Arts & Culture may 12, 2016

This Interactive Mural Changes as Viewers Approach It

Transparent Seas is a public art piece exploring the vast oceans of our planet

Arts & Culture may 6, 2016

Turn Your Spare Walls Into An Independent Art Gallery

A Boston-based startup is bringing homeowners and local artists closer together

Arts & Culture april 18, 2016

Find Your New Favorite Photographer Just By Opening A Tab

The Take Four Chrome extension helps discover photographers on Instagram

Robotic algorithms demonstrate artistry in music, painting and fiction (Daily Beast)
Work january 23, 2015

Tumblr Initiative Pairs Artists With Brand Soulmates

The Creatrs Network will operate as a creative agency that connects content curators with leading brands

Design & Architecture october 9, 2014

Simple Pocket Notebook Designed Using Community Feedback

Apprentice is a direct response to the thoughts and suggestions people from around the world sent to the creators

Home september 17, 2014

Ralph Lauren Celebrates Artist Warehouse Communities in Fashion

The fashion house's Denim & Supply brand has launched the creative initiative and global campaign, 'Project Warehouse'

Technology december 9, 2013

YouTube Commenters And Music Artists Collaborated In Real Time [video]

A campaign with HP and an up-and-coming rap artist proves that YouTube comments can be constructive after all.

Cities november 26, 2013

Redesigned Alphabet Helps Bring The Arts To Underprivileged Children [Video]

Red Peak Branding turned to 45 artists and illustrators to create a custom typeface.

Work august 15, 2013

Yarn-Bombed Bridge Covered In Multi-Colored Blankets

Knitted blankets and other fiberart created by artist communities is used to decorate the Andy Warhol Bridge in a public art installation.

Retail august 1, 2013

UPS Offers In-Store 3D-Printers For Small Businesses [Video]

Printing prototypes, promotional materials, and artistic pieces just got more affordable


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