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Technology august 31, 2016

Interactive Ceiling Responds To People Walking Underneath

The installation features built-in sensors that cause the undulating surface to morph and react to passersby

Social Media august 22, 2016

Tumblr Supports Live Video To Inspire Content Creation

The microblogging and social networking platform has integrated Youtube embed into its native dashboard

Technology august 2, 2016

Adobe’s Virtual Oil Paint Simulator Adds Texture To Your Screen

The program allows for 3D drawings to be digitally-rendered in real-time

Entertainment july 29, 2016

This Designer Figured Out How To Become A Goat

A creative set out on a journey across the Alps as an animal, complete with false prosthetics and a goatherd

Social Media july 27, 2016

Photo-Sharing App Brings Images To Life Through Swinging

Polaroid's new service offers one-second video clips that offer a greater field of view by tilting and tapping your phone

Food june 29, 2016

Edible Art Inspired By A Son’s Drawings

A mother creates beautiful loaves of bread based on illustrations

[Insight] How opera has become an agent of social change
Arts & Culture june 23, 2016

Celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday Using This Pop Culture Calendar

The add-ons list over 75 fictional holidays for anyone to honor

Entertainment june 17, 2016

Matchmaking App For DJs Pairs Them With Event Organizer

A new app provides access to thousands of DJs to simplify party planning

Arts & Culture may 9, 2016

Trains In France Bring Art Into Commuters’ Daily Routines

Thanks to partnership with 3M, country's rail system will feature impressionist works

Work march 23, 2016

Where Have All the Art Punks Gone?

Every generation has defined itself by rebellion. So where are the Gen Y revolutionaries?

Innovation march 21, 2016

SoHo Goes Multisensory With a “Portable Historical Society”

Exploring the little-known history of a New York neighborhood important to many creatives

Sustainability february 25, 2016

How They Made Angry Birds

"It needed enemies fast—so I just drew this pig thing I’ve been drawing since I was 10"

Work january 29, 2016

Draw Outside the Lines of What a Coloring Pen Should Be

Refillable and magnetic, a set of fine-liners with more creative possibilities


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