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Antony Gormley Designs A Livable Art Exhibit In London Hotel

Decade-Long Timelapse Documents The Rebuilding Of Ground Zero

Projection-Mapped Family Portrait Crawls Throughout The House [Video]

Google Selects The Most Artistic Coders

Tool Turns GIFs Into Holographic Playing Cards [Pics]

Experimental Opera Unfolds Live In Downtown Train Station [Pics]

Imaginary World Encyclopedia Written In Purposely Incomprehensible Language

Life-Sized Picture Frames Revitalize Forgotten Spaces [Pics]

Napkins Create Modern Art Masterpieces From Drops And Stains [Pics]

3D Printed Artworks Layer Plastic Instead Of Paint [Pics]

Chemistry Experiment Grows A Chair From Mineral Crystals [Pics]

Traveling Photo Booth Prints Out Giant Street Art [Pics]

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