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Culture may 9, 2016

Trains In France Bring Art Into Commuters’ Daily Routines

Thanks to partnership with 3M, country's rail system will feature impressionist works

Advertising march 23, 2016

Where Have All the Art Punks Gone?

Every generation has defined itself by rebellion. So where are the Gen Y revolutionaries?

Cities march 21, 2016

SoHo Goes Multisensory With a “Portable Historical Society”

Exploring the little-known history of a New York neighborhood important to many creatives

Advertising february 25, 2016

How They Made Angry Birds

"It needed enemies fast—so I just drew this pig thing I’ve been drawing since I was 10"

Design january 29, 2016

Draw Outside the Lines of What a Coloring Pen Should Be

Refillable and magnetic, a set of fine-liners with more creative possibilities

IoT january 7, 2016

The Multi-Sensory Impact of 3D Sound in Virtual Reality [CES 2016]

Accurate and realistic 3D sound in VR is vital to shaping experiences #CES2016

Cities december 23, 2015

Think Different: This Apple Museum Collection Is Inspired by Steve Jobs

The largest private Apple collection in the world features vintage products, clothing worn by Steve Jobs, and the Apple Lisa

Culture september 1, 2015

A Philosophy of Seeing: How Patterns Make You More Mindful

Their cult blog Patternity reveals the hidden geometry in everything from galaxies to flamingos

Advertising february 4, 2015

Instagram’s #empty Movement Captures Vaunted Art Spaces After Hours

First in New York and now London, Instagrammers are persuading the world’s biggest galleries and theatres to let them in after hours – with stunning results

Cities june 11, 2014

Antony Gormley Designs A Livable Art Exhibit In London Hotel

The London artist creates a cavernous suite in the Beaumont Hotel to help answer the question "What is luxury today?"

Design may 23, 2014

Decade-Long Timelapse Documents The Rebuilding Of Ground Zero

A webcam documents the site's transformation from rubble to landmark.

Culture february 11, 2014

Projection-Mapped Family Portrait Crawls Throughout The House [Video]

Spanish artist Daniel Canogar turns the family portrait into a moving piece of art that takes over the house.

Culture february 10, 2014

Google Selects The Most Artistic Coders

The company is highlighting people who are pushing the boundaries of aesthetics using technology.

Culture october 24, 2013

Tool Turns GIFs Into Holographic Playing Cards [Pics]

Lenticular printed cards let you take your favorite animated images on the go.


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