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Children june 7, 2016

Crayola Turns Drawings Into Huggable Dolls

The brand is bringing doodles to life in an aim to encourage imagination and creativity

Arts & Culture october 18, 2013

Street Art Uses Perspective To Create The Illusion Of Peeling Layers [Pics]

Artist 1010 uses gives a great sense of depth to his pieces, which contain colorful layers that seem to reveal hidden spaces.

Arts & Culture july 17, 2013

Celebrity Portraits Crafted From Various Foods [Pics]

French artist Vivi Mac uses different types of edible items to create detailed artworks using a plastic straw and her hands.

Arts & Culture june 18, 2013

Preserved Blood Paintings Seem To Glow From Within [Pics]

Artist Jordan Eagles sources his sanguine medium from slaughterhouses and encases it within plexiglass and UV resin.

Technology march 19, 2013

Spinning RFID-Enabled Plates Showcase Student Artworks [Video]

Interactive exhibit uses radio frequencies to project various works.

Design & Architecture january 29, 2013

Optical Illusion Sculptures Only Take Shape When Viewed In A Mirror [Pics]

Artist Jonty Hurwitz creates pieces that only look familiar when placed in front of a cylindrical mirror.

Technology december 3, 2012

Video Game Maps Players’ Moves On A Real-Time, Interactive Wall

Lunar Trails is an installation that lets you play the 1979 game Lunar Lander and sketches the path you take.

Arts & Culture october 30, 2012

Artist Decorates His Entire Body With Wooden Blocks To Create Unique Portraits [Pics]

Levi van Veluw often uses his whole head as a canvas to create interesting 3D artworks.

Design & Architecture october 16, 2012

What Would Famous Paintings Look Like Without Their Subjects? [Pics]

Hajdu Bence has ‘removed’ the characters from famous works of art to create ‘Abandoned Paintings’, which reveal different perspectives.

Advertising september 25, 2012

100 Artists Reimagine The London Underground Symbol [Pics]

The Roundel logo is the subject of a diverse collection of new artworks for its 100th anniversary, which will be featured in a book released next month.

Work september 12, 2012

Photographs Of Famous Scientist Developed Using Bacteria [Pics]

Bio-artist Zachary Copfer creates amazing dot-matrix-like images using micro-organisms.

IoT august 31, 2012

The Making Of Coffee Turned Into Infographic Art [Video]

A Breville espresso machine is hacked to provide data which is used to create live visualizations of the coffee getting brewed.

Advertising august 28, 2012

Shepard Fairey Collaborates With Neil Young For Americana Album [Pics]

The designer, famous for creating the iconic Obama campaign image, has created a painting for each track on the singer's new album, which features reinterpreted classic American folk songs.

Arts & Culture june 22, 2012

Famous Artworks Recreated On Dirty Car Windows [Pics]

Artists uses an unusual medium to sketch out his drawings.


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