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Technology april 28, 2016

An E-Paper Sign That Makes Remote Meetings More Productive

An automated assistant for organizing meetings without wasting paper

Work march 8, 2016

The Care of AI to Come

Rachel Law and Alyx Baldwin, co-founders of conversation-commerce chatbot Kip, on the future of AI assistants

Home september 17, 2015

The Robot Assistant of Your Dreams Becomes Reality

Telepresence robot allows user to interact, rather than just passively participate, thanks to extendable limbs

Technology july 2, 2013

Siri’s Developers Are Building A Predictive Desktop Assistant

Bright is software that could eventually know what information users need before they request it.

Design & Architecture april 2, 2013

Models Pose With Roy Lichtenstein-Like Images Of Themselves [Pics]

Vogue in Japan blurs the line between 2 and 3D in fashion spread.

Technology may 14, 2012

Is 2012 The Year Of The Virtual Assistant? [Headlines]

Looking beyond Siri, will the next generation of 'assistants' look more like companions, able to help us with more than just task delegation?

Retail may 11, 2012

Grocery Store Installs Life-Sized Holograms To Greet Shoppers

Asda supermarket chain successfully trials virtual assistants that help customers in-store.

Technology july 25, 2011

iPhone 5 To Feature Voice-Controlled ‘Assistant’?

The latest iPhone rumor is prompted by leaked screenshot that indicate new voice navigation possibilities, powered by tech found in the recently-acquired app Siri.

Luxury june 2, 2010

Monocolumn: It’s The Wheel Thing

The passion for bicycles in Tokyo is hitting new heights thanks to bicycle rental initiatives combined with a creative project set to transform the capital into the template of a modern cycling metropolis.


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