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Technology july 28, 2016

Design Challenge Lets Creators Produce A 3D-Printed Project For The I.S.S.

Students, engineers and makers are encouraged to imagine an object to assist astronauts in space

Op-Ed may 12, 2016

Ariel Waldman: Astronauts Tell Us What It's Really Like In Space

Illustrated accounts from the brave men and women who've dwelled beyond the Kármán line

Innovation february 29, 2016

Astronauts Hacked a Space Coffee Cup for Caffeine in Orbit

Zero gravity didn't stop these pioneers from getting their brewed beverage

Home january 27, 2016

A Grieving Set Designed for Mars Astronauts

For the coming space age, a new way to grieve

Work december 29, 2014

Astronauts Not to Be Denied Espresso Buzz in Space

Portland State research team designs cup for low gravity

Work june 17, 2014

Espresso Machine Adapted To Make Coffee In Space

Lavazza and Argotec have created a device that can help astronauts fulfill their desires for coffee outside the atmosphere.

Arts & Culture may 14, 2013

Wearable Backpack Is Also A Vest

A combination of fashion and function that is modelled after an astronaut life-support system.

Mobile may 13, 2013

Bike Helmet Measures Heart Rate In Real Time

SMART Cycling is new way for bikers to keep track of their vitals in extreme conditions.

Technology february 7, 2013

Will 3D Printed Food Replace Astronaut Meals?

The emerging technology could radically alter the choice of food on space journeys, providing more variety.

Arts & Culture january 28, 2013

How Space Food Has Changed Through The Years [Pics]

NASA unveils images of space food over the last half-century.

Luxury october 28, 2012

Exoskeleton Could Help Astronauts Run A Marathon In Space

The X1 device may someday be integral for maintaining peak physical condition during deep-space missions, as well as enabling those with impaired mobility here on Earth to walk again.

Gaming & Play june 22, 2012

Astronauts On International Space Station Hope To Host 'Zero-Gravity' Olympics [Headlines]

Suni Williams has already completed the Boston marathon from space.

Travel may 9, 2012

NASA Hold Competition To Find Space Shuttle Alternative [Headlines]

After canceling the initiative, NASA pays nearly $60M a seat on the Russian Soyuz rocket to transport supplies and astronauts to the International Space Station.

Design & Architecture october 13, 2011

YouTube Space Lab Invites Teenagers To Design Experiments For Astronauts

The best submissions will be conducted aboard the ISS and the winners will receive some out-of-this-world prizes.


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