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Work april 22, 2015

PSFK Conference 2015: Attention Hacking in an Unconventional Master Class

What is creativity, really? And is originality a myth? Faris Yakob gave a whirlwing masterclass in attention hacking at #PSFK2015. Here are the highlights.

Technology march 13, 2015

Curtis Hougland: We Like L.A. Because it Reminds Us of Social Media

Founder and CEO of Attention on the myriad ways the City of Angels evokes our celestial ties to the connected web

Editors Pick march 10, 2015

Social Media Agency President on How Spontaniety is Key SXSW Theme

PSFK learns from Tom Buontempo about the SXSW festival's evolving culture

Travel september 26, 2013

Brainwave-Monitoring Car Slows Down When The Driver Is Distracted [Video]

RAC creates a vehicle that can only be driven when it has the driver's undivided attention.

Syndicated may 22, 2012

Springwise: IKEA Packs Their Entire Catalog Into A 10.5cm x 8.8cm Web Banner

Browse all 2,800 products from the Swedish retailer by hovering over the ad.

Technology june 1, 2011

Ed Cotton: Famous For 3.9 Minutes

Thoughts on how people are coping with the modern media onslaught by giving it all less and less attention.

Arts & Culture february 10, 2011

Two Tabs In The Mix: DJ Filetype SWF Mixes Website Background Music

Remix culture and attention economy web surfing combine in an original online DJ performance.

Technology september 13, 2010

Shadow, Glare: Screen Time And Fragmented Attention

A desktop art piece explores perception, awareness and society's focus on screens.

Technology september 10, 2010

Reading Glasses: Removing Distractions Online

A browser extension looks to improve the reading experience online.

Work june 23, 2010

Seth Godin: Don’t Snowglobe Me, Bro

How important is it? Is it so important you need to interrupt everyone, every single one of your customers?

Technology september 10, 2009

(Infographic): Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

In a digital age rife with an endless stream of distraction, from email updates to text messages, it's important that we get our priorities straight. This handy hierarchy created by Information is Beautiful helps ensure that your limited attention span is always focused on the most important detail of the moment.

Innovation march 24, 2009
Work february 11, 2009

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