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Homeless People’s Handcrafted Signs Auctioned as Art Pieces

SF-Dwellers Can Now Auction Off Public Parking Spots Like Private Property

Platform Auction Off Clever Inventions And Ideas [Video]

World-Renowned Architects Design Doll Houses For The Disabled [Pics]

James Bond’s Submarine Car Up For Auction [Pics]

DKNY Asks Artists To Interpret New York [Pics]

National Geographic Auctions Off Some Of Their Most Iconic Photographs [Pics]

Christie’s Expands Mobile Presence Via Apps

Recently Sold John Lennon Artwork Allegedly Altered by Yoko Ono

EBay Wishes To Appeal To A Cooler Crowd With Its Mobile Shopping Campaign

‘Billy The Kid’ Photograph Sold At Auction In Colorado For $2.3Million [Headlines]

The Most Expensive Photograph Ever Purchased

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