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Work march 3, 2014

What Iconic Celebs Would Look Like If They Worked In A Tattoo Parlor [Pics]

The Shopped Tattoos blog envisions what famous celebs and iconic figures would look like if they were covered in artistic ink.

Arts & Culture december 6, 2013

Cardboard Serves As The Canvas For Celebrity Portraits [Pics]

Artist Elliot Frantz creates incredibly detailed images of Hollywood icons on pieces of corrugated cardboard.

Design & Architecture november 11, 2013

Historic Black And White Photos Colorized By Reddit [Pics]

Users of the popular social news and entertainment site give iconic photos greater life with a splash of color.

Home august 23, 2013

Fashion Illustrations Use Withered Leaves As Elegant Gowns [Pics]

Eco-friendly clothing that emphasizes naturally occuring patterns, lines and colors

Technology march 1, 2013

Audrey Hepburn Returns To The Screen In Chocolate Commercial [Video]

Production company Framestore uses pioneering VFX techniques for a new Galaxy ad.


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