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Design & Architecture september 9, 2016

Augmented Paper Turns Pen And Ink Into Digital Images

Montblanc has created a special system that transforms handwritten notes and doodles into easily shareable files

Technology february 22, 2016

PSFK Pulse: Airports, Augmented Reality and Touchpad Apparel

Kickstart your day with lonely Uber drivers and angry airport officials

Work february 25, 2013

Augmented Reality Video Content Visible On Mobile Devices

NTT's new technology, Visual SyncAR, allows those with mobile devices to view augmented reality video via digital watermarking.

Gaming & Play november 9, 2012

Magazine Features 'Playable' Augmented Reality Video Game Cover

Blippar app partners with weekly magazine publisher to present some interactive retro fun on the front.

Innovation january 6, 2012

Augmented Audio Game Immerses Runners In Zombie Infested World [Future Of Gaming]

Zombies, Run! is an augmented audio running game that challenges users to rebuild civilization after a zombie apocalypse by completing location- specific tasks while running in the real world.

Technology august 7, 2009
Mobile august 6, 2009
Work may 28, 2009

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