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X-Ray Vision App Lets You See Through a T-Shirt to Your Guts

  • 1 march 2016
  • IoT

5 Steps to Building a Digital Store Consumers Will Flock To

Leaked Microsoft HoloLens Demo Shows Reality-Bending Video Creation

NASA Pushes the Microsoft Hololens’ Operational Capabilities to the Limit

Augmented Reality Book Requires No Apps or Glasses

Magnolia Pictures Movie Poster Cranks Up Reality

Super Bowl 2020: Future Fandom Gets Teched Out

Could the Microsoft HoloLens Kill the Stadium?

Turn Your Car Windshield Into a Transportation Sidekick

PSFK 2017 Forecast: The Next Phase of Wearable Tech Is…Better Fashion

VR Shopping: Retail’s New Reality

  • 20 january 2016
  • IoT

5 Tools That Use Touch to Bridge the Gap Between Virtual and Physical Worlds

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