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Advertising february 16, 2011

Buy A Beer And Own Part Of The Company

For a limited, one-time offer that continues through the end of this month, consumers need only purchase between one and 50 cartons of Broo online to be entitled to 10 free shares in the company.

Arts & Culture september 15, 2010

World's Biggest Marker?

The Melbourne-based Everfresh street art crew has created a massive tagging marker for a recent exhibition.

Technology august 4, 2010

Blogging Away Unwanted Things

Obsessed with the idea of living without excess belongings, Sydney-based musician Christopher Kelaart has set up a blog to give away all the things he owns but no longer needs.

Innovation april 12, 2010

The Stompstone Song: Beautiful Music From The Playground

Australian-born cellist Janice and German guitarist Andreas of Birds of Lidingö use the Stompstone dance tiles that are typically found in playgrounds to create music.

Work february 17, 2010

(Pics) The Tape Art Of BUFFdiss

Urban Artcore points us to recent work by Australian street artist BUFFdiss.

Sustainability october 8, 2009

Melbourne’s Ceres Environmental Park

The Ceres Enviromental Park is a community-driven project dedicated to sustainable design and living.

Cities september 11, 2009

Melbourne's Street Art Evolution: Crate Man

'Crate Man' is another great example of Melbourne's diverse street art scene. Constructed from vibrantly painted milk crates, the huge figures have been found scaling fences, hanging off cranes, perched on rooftops and even fishing in a creek.

Design & Architecture july 21, 2009
Retail july 16, 2009

Innovative Ideas to Boost Melbourne's Retail Market

PSFK recently wrote about Monocle's Top 25 Most Liveable Cities 2009. Even though Melbourne made it into the top 10, Michael from linefeed has some innovative store concepts to boost the city's retail sector. Believing that the city lacks quirky, niche stores Michael states; When I think of [...]

Sustainability june 4, 2009
Work may 29, 2009
Technology may 27, 2009
Advertising may 5, 2009

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