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Arts & Culture august 18, 2016

Unique Shareable Content Created Using Just Paper

Australia's first Vine production studio created a series about making recipes using animated inedible food

Advertising july 27, 2016

National Geographic Creates The World’s First T-Rex Chatbot

The publication partnered with +rehab studio to answer kids' questions through Facebook Messenger

Food july 6, 2016

Australian Cafes Replace Coffee Cups to Highlight Refugee Crisis

The #coffeewithlayla campaign aims to spread knowledge about the challenges confronted by refugees and asylum seekers

Arts & Culture june 22, 2016

In-Seat Screens Could Be The Future Of Sports Stadiums

A project from Etihad brings a host of live game updates straight to the seats of Australian fans

Automotive june 21, 2016

Toyota Leverages LandCruisers As An Emergency Network

Mobile hotspots in the vehicles create a mesh network for remote communication

Cities june 17, 2016

Australia’s Sidewalk Lights Will Make It Easier To Text While Walking

Cities are experimenting with new in-ground stoplights to save people from their phones and cut down on accidents

Advertising june 7, 2016

Snickers Social Campaign Can Tell When You Are Sad And Try To Cheer You Up With Chocolate

To make the Internet a better place, the chocolate gets cheaper as tweets get angrier

Advertising june 1, 2016

Fans Light Up Sports Stadium With Heart-Monitoring Wristbands

Custom-made bands were designed to flash to the rhythm of the wearer's heartbeat

Sustainability may 31, 2016

Cigarette Butts Recycled Into Building Bricks To Help The Environment

Adding cigarette waste could cut the energy required to fire bricks by up to 58 percent

Culture may 10, 2016

Dating Site Aims To Bring Entire Friend Circles Together

Tinder Social is a new offering that is designed to connect friend groups looking to meet new people

Advertising february 4, 2016

Get Matched to Right-Sized Clothes with Full Body Scans

Nothing beats a mirror, but 3D body scanning pods comes close

Advertising january 21, 2016

Trend Watch: Passive Philanthropy

Doing social good has never been so easy

Technology july 14, 2015

Save the Broken Vases, Buy a Break-Up Online

If you want to opt out of your relationship, why not pay someone to say "sorry, it's over"

Culture march 4, 2015

Modular Pod is a Playful, Secretive Extension for Kids

Kids Pod hideout in Australian wine country will serve generations of rugrats to come


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