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President Obama calls to move past passwords towards safer authentication (Re/code)
Technology september 4, 2013

Wristband Transforms Wearer's Heartbeat Into Unique Password

Bionym’s Nymi wristband can identify the wearer by their cardiac rhythm and could be used to unlock car doors or log in to a computer.

Technology june 11, 2013

Unexplainable Unconscious Passwords Cannot Be Compromised

Researchers are developing a new security approach that relies on implicit, repetitive learning.

Innovation march 14, 2013

Human Body As The Password For Secure Access

BodyCom by Microchip uses the human body to keep guns and power tools safe through simple and secure authentication.

Mobile march 4, 2013

Bracelet Unlocks Mobile Devices With Gestures

PassBan is introducing a wristband that can be used to authenticate your online information with a shake or a tap.

Cities january 22, 2013

Google Predicts The Future Of Passwords Wil Be Physical

The company imagines a future where a USB device, smartphone, or ring, will be used to access email accounts.

Retail march 30, 2010

Coke Vending Machine Uses Finger Pulse Recognition To Sell Soda

A new vending machine, uses Hitachi's finger vein authentication technology to dispense Coke bottles.


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