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Asia june 20, 2016

Singapore Introduces Vending Machines Of Books

The devices are being stocked by a bookstore as a promotion of local writers

Work january 7, 2014

Google Doodle Honors Seminal African American Literary Figure

Zora Neale Hurston is memorialized on the search homepage today.

Mobile september 24, 2013

Choose-Your-Own-Adventures City Maps Bring Fictional Narratives To Everyday Life

A new concept app offers real life options to people in their everyday lives to allow them to act out various fantasies.

Technology september 5, 2012

Startup Could Replace The Role Of Traditional Book Publishers

Online platform Publification helps authors edit, publish, distribute, and market their ebooks.

Technology august 28, 2012

Which Famous Author's Style Does Your Writing Mimic?

The website 'I Write Like' features an addictive app that analyzes your word choice and composition and compares the results to those of famous writers.

Design & Architecture january 2, 2012

Could 2012 Be The Year Of The Artist-Entrepreneur? [Headlines]

Content production, distribution and monetization tools are becoming democratized through the web.

Syndicated october 3, 2011

Springwise: Authors Can Now Write Personal Messages In E-Books

Kindlegraph enables authors to send personalized, digital inscriptions, directly to the reading devices of their fans.

Technology september 5, 2011

@author Connects Readers And Writers On Twitter And Amazon

The new feature lets readers ask questions via their Kindle or on Amazon's Author Pages.

IoT may 3, 2011

Family Time In The Age Of Ubiquitous Computing

Social scientists are examining the emotional impact the proliferation of personal media devices is having on our time with loved ones.


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