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Sustainability november 14, 2016

Electric Truck Can Be Built In Just Four Hours

Charge is a new easy to assemble a type of vehicle that is designed to be safe and better for the environment

Gaming & Play october 26, 2016

Automated Chessboard Lets You Play Against Anyone In The World

Square Off is an AI-powered board that can move the pieces on its own

Retail october 18, 2016

Unstaffed Grocery Store Provides Fresh Produce 24/7

Farmhouse Market in New Prague, Minnesota gives customers all-day access to the unmanned grocery store

Food july 27, 2016

This Beer Is Perfected Through Artificial Intelligence

IntelligentX Beer refines its own recipe based on Facebook Messenger feedback

Technology april 28, 2016

An E-Paper Sign That Makes Remote Meetings More Productive

An automated assistant for organizing meetings without wasting paper

Automotive april 25, 2016

The Future of Cars Isn't Just Automated, It's 3D-Printed

We spoke with creators of first 3D-printed car to uncover future of additive manufacturing

Mobile february 2, 2016

Automated Scents are the Future of Fragrance

The future's in the air: A mood and smartphone-controlled freshener

Work january 21, 2016

Will Robots Rule the Cities of the Future?

PSFK Labs' 2017 Forecast Report looks at how automated services will infiltrate the foundation of urban spaces

Op-Ed december 30, 2015

Frank Striefler: The Future of Recruiting Will Be Smarter, Smaller and Faster

Siftly’s founder on the specialization and democratization of finding talent in a ‘one-size-fits-none’ world

Retail december 10, 2015

adidas' Intelligent Robots Will Have Your Feet Covered Faster Than Ever

An automated, decentralized and flexible manufacturing process will bring high-performance sporting goods to your door

Technology january 9, 2014

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Makerbot vs. iTunes, the Google catamaran, and more.

Work october 7, 2013

Robotic Bartender Learns Owners's Habits To Create Personalized Drinks [Video]

Monsieur will pour a drink when a certain sports team wins, or when there's company.

Travel december 17, 2012

Robot Bartender Serves Drinks On Commercial Flights [Video]

The SkyTender can prepare over 30 different beverages at the touch of a button.

Cities december 5, 2012

Place Bikes In This Automated, Underground Parking Lot

The Biceberg is a unique city solution that enables users to keep their bicycle in a safe place until they want to retrieve it.


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