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Automotive october 11, 2016

Jaguar Appoints A Virtual Band Member As Its Brand Ambassador

The automaker has announced its new global representative to help inspire the next generation of engineers

Technology january 12, 2015

BMW Will Let You Park Your Car Using Your Smartwatch

The German carmaker demonstrated fully automated parking at CES

Technology january 9, 2015

CES 2015: Toyota Pushes For A Hydrogen Future

The automaker is making over 5,600 fuel cell related patents available for use royalty-free.

Luxury december 22, 2014

Santa’s Sleigh Gets A 21st Century Makeover This Christmas

British metal supplier Metals4U has given Santa's sleigh the 'James Bond' treatment with super gadgets for better gift-giving

Gaming & Play march 5, 2014

Porsche Asks Car Lovers To Swap Their Jalopis For A Mysterious New Model [Video]

The auto company tempts car owners to trade their set of keys for a brand new, unreleased luxury model.

Innovation january 31, 2014

Honda Lets Designers 3D Print Concept Cars From Home [Video]

As part of their campaign to promote the “art of manufacturing,” Honda released the design data of five of their concept models.

Arts & Culture december 9, 2013

Slow-Motion Explosions Reveal A Sports Car’s Many Parts [Video]

Fabian Oefner’s Disintegrating series features compositions of disassembled automobiles, taken over the course of weeks.

Mobile may 17, 2013

Audi Lets Shoppers Take Cars For A Spin With Augmented Reality

German car company lets busy buyers see under the hood of their cars and test the handling from their phones.

Mobile february 28, 2013

Luxury Cars Battle In Paintball Fight

Two Audis RS 4 Avants rigged with paintball guns and cameras, duel in a decommissioned military hangar to show their handling capabilities.

Work february 10, 2013

Mark Mulhern: Why Mercedes Beat Out Other Automakers At This Year's Game [Super Bowl 2013]

Senior Vice President of BBDO New York praises the car company for a celebrity filled but still surprising ad.

Home june 4, 2012

Rolls-Royce Hosts Dinner Party On Assembly Line Floor

The luxury automobile manufacturer held a customer appreciation dinner in the same space all their cars are hand-built.

Luxury december 23, 2011

China Overtakes Germany As The Second Largest Market For Luxury Cars [Headlines]

The US still holds the spot for largest market but Asia is catching up quickly.

Sustainability november 8, 2011

6 Sexy Electric Cars Hitting The Streets In 2012 [Headlines]

These cars will help define the cutting edge of style and low-impact transportation.

november 7, 2011

Harman: 7 Of 10 Want In-Car Voice Control [Headlines]

Drivers want regular electricity outlets, voice-controlled email, mp3 integration and will pay more for it.


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