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Automotive october 12, 2016

This Company Wants To Make All Cars Capable Of Being Driverless is a Silicon Valley startup working on a kit to retrofit your ride

Technology april 26, 2016

Invisible Co-Pilot Could Give You A Hands-Free Commute

Toyota's system would take control in an emergency or avoid danger with subtle adjustments

[Insight] Preparing for future autonomous vehicle accidents after Tesla’s fatal crash
[Stat] GM invests $1B in autonomous vehicles and ride sharing
[Insight] Google self-driving cars learn social etiquette of honking
How self-driving cars may simplify commutes, but at the expense of privacy (Atlantic)
IoT january 12, 2016

From Car Label to Mobility Experience, Ford Eyes a Different Horizon

The company wants to transform what having a car means through the implementation of a concierge service, dedicated marketplace, and community hubs

Work january 6, 2016

GM and Lyft: The Chauffeurs of Community-Minded Cities

A partnership between the two firms will bring self-driving vehicles to the ride-sharing business, what happens to the social dynamics of an urban environment remains to be seen

Travel july 29, 2015

Welcome to a City Designed for Testing Driverless Cars

Auto titans, take note: The University of Michigan opened a high-tech town for researching and testing driverless cars


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