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Work may 15, 2014

Animated 3D Avatars Can Be Controlled By Their Owner's Face

Nito has created the ability to "become" an animated version of yourself online.

Technology february 4, 2014

Avatars Offer A Digital Afterlife To The Deceased gathers information about a person to create a chatbot that emulates their personality after they have passed away.

Arts & Culture november 12, 2013

Full-Length Movie Packed Into One GIF

Your brain will not be able to keep up with the images before your eyes.

Home june 19, 2013

Avatar System Could Help With Public Speaking & Social Anxiety

A voice and facial recognition software can simulate real conversations and provide feedback.

Technology february 11, 2013

Digital Anchors Present Any Blog Posts As TV News [Video]

Guide lets you select from various avatars, including kittens, puppy dogs, and androids.

Retail october 18, 2012

Smartphone App Makes Sure Users Are Doing Exercises Correctly [Video]

'idoo' offers a personal trainer who monitors your workout and technique.

Luxury september 30, 2012

Intel IQ: Avatar Robots Let Users Feel What The Droids Feel

The TELESAR V allows a human controller to experience the same sensations as the robot, even from thousands of miles away.

Partner Content august 25, 2012

Humans Achieve Immortality As Holographic Avatars

Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov lays out an ambitious plan that will enable humans to live forever by the year 2045.

Gaming & Play may 29, 2012

Create A 3D Printed Action Figure That Looks Like You

Makie Me makes personalized, fully posable and customizable 'avatars' using 3D printing.

Technology august 16, 2011

Real-World Drone Avatar Projects Video In Midair

The latest project from Sony is a blimp that reflects a projected image from a video feed or camera to create a life-like avatar.

Work august 4, 2011

Second Life Authorities: Can I See Your I.D. Please?

Researches say the growing number of virtual characters in online communities has created a need to identify the real people behind aliases for marketing research and law enforcement purposes.

Innovation april 11, 2011

‘Avatar’ Director Cautions Against Early Video-on-Demand Release

James Cameron has seen the future of cinema, and as far as he’s concerned, it does not involve accelerated access to movies via video-on-demand. NY Times

Gaming & Play february 22, 2011

Avatar-Like Out-Of-Body Reality A Step Closer

Swiss researchers have achieved success in projecting human consciousness into a digital avatar.

Innovation november 10, 2010

Holographic Pop Star Goes on Tour in Japan

Japanese media company creates an avatar that plays for live audiences.


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