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Retail july 18, 2016

Target's New Children's Line Designed By Kids

A group of kids helped design the collection and even model the clothes

Technology june 6, 2016

Breastfeeding Mothers Now Have A Friend in This Smart Breast Pump

A Bluetooth enabled pump that tracks and organizes data for breastfeeding moms

Technology april 27, 2016

This Simple Cap For Babies Could Help Save Lives In Hospitals

A hat for newborns that instantly sounds an alarm about key vital signs

Health february 12, 2016

Teething Necklaces That Babies Can Gnaw On

New range of silicone accessories feature beads that are safe for babies to chew

Work january 25, 2016

Self-Propelled Stroller Leads the Way to Hands-Free Parenting

This self-pushing pram concept could be a dream for jogger parents, but we have our doubts

Mobile november 19, 2014

Toys Let Babies Post on Social Media

Plush dolls made for infants will let them engage the social age

Innovation november 7, 2014

Blow-Up Incubator Could Save Babies' Lives in the Developing World

A young inventor has designed an inflatable incubator for babies born prematurely

Design & Architecture october 22, 2014

3D-Printed Instrument Measures Oxygen Levels in Infants

The Pelican is a device designed to help diagnose pneumonia in newborn babies

Arts & Culture october 17, 2014

Baby Memory Book Asks Parents to Document First-Year Milestones for Science

The Human Infant Project is a book that helps more science-minded parents record their children's first big accomplishments

Mobile july 25, 2014

Lullaby Music Box Serves as Multipurpose Baby Monitor Device

How baby monitoring is adapting in the age of technology

IoT july 18, 2014

Baby Monitor Records Developmental Milestones and Lets Parents Pre-Record Lullabies

The Onni device not only keeps an eye on babies but also provides live audio and video

Design & Architecture december 16, 2013

Fisher-Price Releases Baby iPad Chair

Parents and bloggers are outraged at Baby's First iPad Stand, but does it simply reflect a growing reality?

IoT december 5, 2013

Wearable Tech For Babies Keeps Parents On Their Toes

The Sproutling monitor is a new type of wearable tech for babies, that fits around a toddler’s ankle, like a miniature FitBit.

Mobile october 29, 2013

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Ad-serving on Instagram should be a learning opportunity, and Disney will release a new cartoon on tablets first.


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