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Retail november 18, 2016

Estate Sales Have Found A Profitable, Second Life Online

Everything But The House's online auction business is thriving, with no help from Amazon, eBay or Etsy

Baby Boomers november 4, 2016

New Emoji Set Depicts The Experiences Of Older Generations

The images have been crafted to reflect the thoughts and experiences of senior users

[Stat] Only 5% of ad spending is targeted at Boomers despite $46 trillion in wealth
Retail june 10, 2016

In The Age of Emoji, Brands Are Advertising With Icons

Installation brings Pepsi's new campaign to life with IRL emojis

Baby Boomers june 1, 2016

Airbnb For Seniors Lets The Elderly Make Social Connections

Online service lets people over 55 rent a spare room from other seniors in order to travel

[Stat] 60% of women are buying less apparel than they did 10 years ago
Health april 26, 2016

PSFK Speaker Reframes Conventions Around Aging [PSFK 2016]

Architect Matthias Hollwich will bring a new voice to the conversation around getting old at PSFK flagship conference

Retail april 12, 2016

Put An End To Missed Packages With The Help Of Neighbors

A startup is connecting online shoppers with nearby hosts willing to accept deliveries for them

While marketers focus on millennials, Baby Boomers control 50% of all CPG dollars, and dominate 119 out of the top 123 CPG categories (Forbes)
Technology april 6, 2016

Curb The Heartbreaking Toll Of Gun Violence With Your Virtual Vote

A social campaign enlists virtually-induced empathy as an agent of political change

Work march 15, 2016

Millennials at Work: 5 Stereotypes and Why They Are (Mostly) Wrong

Generation Y has been labelled a bunch of lazy job-hoppers—the truth is very different

Venture Capital’s Answer to High-Priced Housing: Dorms for Grown Ups
The rise of the creative class is the end of retirement
Syndicated march 8, 2016

Generation Y: A Guide to a Much-Maligned Demographic

Tech-savvy? Narcissistic? Open-minded? What does being a millennial really mean?


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