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Pillowcase With Silver-Coated Fibers Gives You A Cleaner Night’s Sleep

Microbial Associates Offer Executive Training for Bacteria

Soap Dispenser Alarm Shames People Into Washing Their Hands [Video]

  • 18 april 2014
  • IoT

Artisanal Cheeses Created From Human Body Bacteria Samples

Scientists Make ‘Photographs’ Out of Bacteria

PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

Dirt-Powered Robotic Vacuum Recharges While It Cleans

Art Made From The Bacteria On Mobile Phones [Pics]

Pigeon Droppings Transformed Into Soap To Clean Up Cities [Video]

UV Pen Detects And Destroys Germs

14 Year Old Girl Develops Solar-Powered Water Purifier

Concrete Repairs Its Own Cracks With Bacteria

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