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Sustainability november 16, 2016

Electricity-Free Lamp Is Powered by Octopus Bacteria

Dutch designer Teresa Van Dongen has merged design and biology in her new project

Health may 20, 2016

Pillowcase With Silver-Coated Fibers Gives You A Cleaner Night's Sleep

The technology is 99 percent effective in controlling bacteria on the fabric surface

Work october 2, 2014

Microbial Associates Offer Executive Training for Bacteria

The latest project from artist Jonathon Keats aims to certify approximately 100 billion bacteria in fields like management, finance and product development

Technology april 18, 2014

Soap Dispenser Alarm Shames People Into Washing Their Hands [Video]

Safeguard makes it difficult to leave the bathroom with dirty hands.

Arts & Culture october 25, 2013

Artisanal Cheeses Created From Human Body Bacteria Samples

Selfmade explores the art and science of cheesemaking.

Arts & Culture august 26, 2013

Scientists Make 'Photographs' Out of Bacteria

Microbes used to make sepia-toned still lifes.

Work july 28, 2013

PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

Wearable tech for babies and a new procedure for eye surgery using nanobots. The most innovative stories from the world of wellness.

Work april 4, 2013

Dirt-Powered Robotic Vacuum Recharges While It Cleans

A concept project for the 25th anniversary of Casabella uses microbial electrolysis to generate power from the bacteria it picks up.

Mobile february 20, 2013

Art Made From The Bacteria On Mobile Phones [Pics]

Students imprinted their phones onto petri dishes and these living images are the result.

Innovation january 16, 2013

Pigeon Droppings Transformed Into Soap To Clean Up Cities [Video]

Known as "flying rats," these birds are scrubbing up their negative image with a new concept project.

Design & Architecture january 7, 2013

UV Pen Detects And Destroys Germs

The Influsaber device uses light to rid objects and surfaces of bacteria.

Technology december 18, 2012

14 Year Old Girl Develops Solar-Powered Water Purifier

Deepika Kurup won $25,000 for her invention in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Competition.

Design & Architecture november 5, 2012

Concrete Repairs Its Own Cracks With Bacteria

Researchers have created a special building material that can regenerate itself.

Work october 3, 2012

Scientists Produce Gold Using Bacteria

Michigan State University researchers have found a way to use the metal-tolerant bacteria 'Cupriavidus metallidurans' to turn liquid gold into solid, 24-karat gold.


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