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Scientists Produce Gold Using Bacteria

Designer Cheese Made Using Bacteria From The Human Body

Photographs Of Famous Scientist Developed Using Bacteria [Pics]

Antibacterial Toothpaste Will Provide A Guaranteed Cavity-Free Mouth

Are Hotel Rooms Crawling With Bacteria? [Headlines]

Charge A Laptop By Typing On It

  • 18 may 2012
  • IoT

Momofuku Restaurant Plans To Introduce Mold & Bacteria To Its Menu

Make Sushi Safe Forever With Bacteria-Killing Plasma Torches

  • 7 february 2012
  • Home

Researchers Create ‘Neon Lights’ Using Fluorescent Bacteria

Mom On Anti-Bacteria Crusade Banned From 8 McDonald’s Restaurants [Headlines]

  • 31 october 2011

Need To Know: 10 Must Read Posts Of The Week Vol. 8

Film Promoted With A Bacteria-Infested Billboard [Video]

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