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China Issues QR Code Badges to Seniors to Help Them Get Home

Marketers ‘Gamify’ Brand Loyalty Rewarding Online Engagement [Future Of Gaming]

Content Curators Compete In Game-Like Forum While Making Newsroom Contributions [Future Of Gaming]

App Turns Healthy Eating Into An Interactive Competition [Future Of Gaming]

Web Platform Unlocks Prospective Career And Learning Opportunities [Future Of Gaming]

Online Tutorial Leverages Gaming To Introduce The World To Code [Future Of Gaming]

Children Utilize Gaming Platform To Tackle Humanitarian Challenges [Future Of Gaming]

Game Empowers Consumers With The Environmental Impact Of Their Decisions [Future Of Gaming]

Zappos Founder Launches Incentivized Social Start Up

NHL Team “Gamifies” Website To Reward True Fans

Foursquare Adds More Schools To Their University Program

Foodzy: New Social Network Awards Badges For Healthy Eating

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