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Inflatable Bag Protects Digital Devices In Crowded Areas

Glad’s Music Festival Tent Doubles As Giant Trash Bag

Puffy Vest Suitcase [Video]

The North Face Integrates Airbags Into Sportswear For Safer Hiking

Bag Purifies Water On The Go Using Sunlight [Pics]

Disposable French Press Brews Coffee In Its Packaging [Video]

Eye-Catching Purses Made Of LEGOs

Laptop Bag Unfolds Into A Workstation And Chair [Pics]

Raincoat Quickly Converts Into A Shopping Bag [Pics]

Airline Introduces Electronic Tags To Prevent Lost Luggage

Kellogg’s Launches A Limited Edition Designer Bag With Snack Bar Pocket

Robot Concierge Sends Your Luggage Directly From Hotel To Airport

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