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Food october 20, 2016

Cook An Entire Pizza On Your Stovetop

This compact kitchen appliance lets people bake a homemade pie without the need for an oven

Sustainability december 22, 2014

Baking Meringue Cookies to Assess Air Quality

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy suggests a "tasty" way to measure air pollution

Technology june 24, 2014

Edible Cupcake Wrappers Reduce Waste, Create New Possibilities In Baking

Baking goods brand Dr. Oetker's pastry papers allow sweets to be baked and eaten in the same wrapper.

Mobile june 20, 2014

Smartphone Scale Reveals The Nutritional Content Of Meals On-The-Go

Wellscale connects to mobile devices to provide information about your food.

Work january 9, 2013

10 Ft. Towers Made Entirely Out Of Cupcakes

Artist Leah Foster makes installations with thousands of tiny treats, as a means of exploring gendered body image expectations.

Technology september 14, 2012

Digital Spoon Scale Weighs Food For Precise Cooking Results

This spoon-shaped measuring scale comes is handy for baking and portion control.

Home july 13, 2011

Ruby Pseudo: Baking Up A Storm Of Cake

When blogger and consultant Ruby Pseudo noticed a lot of baking events popping up, she interviewed a few participating young women to see where the sudden passion for baking was coming from.

Advertising june 8, 2011

Cookulus: A Ready Lifesaver For The Struggling Cookie Baker

A new app helps you create the ultimate chocolate chip cookie for your enjoyment.

Home september 27, 2010

(Pics) IKEA Cookbook Serves Up Homemade Food Styling

Visual recipes are featured in this unique look at cooking.

Innovation march 30, 2010

The Butch Bakery: Masculine Cupcakes

Bringing the masculine aesthetic to the ever-dainty cupcake, David Arrick's Butch Bakery sets out to introduce a new niche market into the baked-goods industry.


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