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Sustainability june 9, 2016

Build A Bamboo Bike In Under 5 Hours

This toolkit helps you build a sustainable bike frame in record time

Technology december 9, 2015

See-Through Toaster Could Eliminate Burnt Toasts Forever

Burnt toast should play no part of your sustainable breakfast routine

Sustainability january 30, 2015

Bamboo Bicycles Are Completely Customizable

Bambú Campos Bikes' range uses sustainable materials for an eco-friendly, yet elegant, ride

Design & Architecture november 26, 2014

Sustainable DIY Bike Kickstarter Succeeding Wildly

The Bamboobee Build It Yourself Bike Kit goes viral on Kickstarter

Design & Architecture june 24, 2013

Sleek Bamboo Vehicle To Bring Car Pollution To A Halt [Pics]

Biodegradable car is hand crafted from natural materials.

Retail april 4, 2013

Durable Road Bike Made Entirely Of Bamboo

Bamboobee creates a unique riding experience by fusing raw, natural materials with technology and affordability.

Technology november 2, 2012

Bamboo Tumbleweed Finds And Destroys Land Mines

The 'Mine Kafon' is a wind-powered land-mine clearer invented by Afghan designer Massoud Hassani.

Arts & Culture august 2, 2012

Jenga-Like Table Can Be Adjusted By Pushing Pieces [Pics]

Versatile furniture can by changed by pushing or pulling out wooden pieces.

Luxury may 25, 2012

Gucci Reveals Sustainable Bamboo-Inspired Sunglasses

Italian luxury house is going 'green' with its newest addition-- liquid-wood eyewear.

Work february 6, 2012

Sustainable Android Phone Carved From Bamboo [Pics]

World's first mobile phone designed using organic, eco-friendly material.

Mobile august 23, 2011

Bamboo iPhone Cases Adorned With Laser Cut Art

Artist Ryan Chapman collaborates with sustainable design team Grove to create Submarine adorned iPhone cases

Arts & Culture may 23, 2011

'Armored' Cabinet Constructed From 80,000 Bamboo Skewers

A cabinet constructed from 80,000 bamboo skewers wards off the uninvited with its prickly demeanor.

Design & Architecture march 29, 2011

Phoenix: The Bamboo Car [Pics]

Furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue creates a bird-like car made from bamboo and rattan.

Design & Architecture january 27, 2011

The Bamboo Bench [Pics]

Bamboo stalks are bound together to create a natural bench for everyday use.


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