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Work december 13, 2013

New Bike Prototype Purifies The Air As You Pedal

A new bike concept from Thailand does the dirty work of actual air purification.

Sustainability september 11, 2013

Urban Rooftop Farms Produce Edible, Nutritious Algae [Pics]

Unused space on a Bangkok skyscraper is transformed into a production site for this super food.

Design & Architecture february 27, 2013

Thai Restaurant Brings Street Food Experience Indoors [Pics]

Coca Grill in Bangkok looks like an outdoor food market.

Home november 23, 2012

High-Rise Building Gives The Illusion That It Is Crumbling [Pics]

The impressive MahaNakhon complex in Thailand looks pixelated from afar.

Syndicated august 22, 2012

Biking In Bangkok & Hand-Made Jewelry In Mallorca [PechaKucha]

The international design hub shares presentations about Thailand's cycle traffic and handmade crafts from Spain.

Innovation january 25, 2012

Manufactures In Thailand Will Stay Put But Demand Improved Flood Defenses [Headlines]

Companies and businesses in southeast Asian nation relying on the government to curb the effects of the next natural disaster.

Luxury june 14, 2011

Cartier Bangkok High Jewellery Dinner [Headlines]

Set against the backdrop of Bangkok’s Grand Palace, Cartier held its first High Jewellery Dinner on the lush grounds of the Bangkok National Museum.

Design & Architecture august 9, 2010

Monocolumn: Hardliner Set To Head Thailand’s Army

Army chiefs are influential in most countries, but in Thailand the head of the military enjoys exceptional, if not excessive, power.

Work august 5, 2009

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