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Automotive july 7, 2016

There Is Now A Virtual Driving School For AI Vehicles

Scientists have developed a simulation program designed to teach autonomous cars how to handle real obstacles

Travel january 1, 2016

Smart Cities are Beginning to Adopt Electric Scooters as the Future of Transport

As cities expand and demand for electric scooters and vehicles grows, Gogoro is trying to bring a new urban energy infrastructure to market

Gaming & Play july 7, 2015

Exploring Humanity From a Bench in Barcelona

Continuous serendipity provided a concentrated place to capture the Life of a Bench

Work may 4, 2015

Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia Gets Completion Boost from 3D Printing

The cathedral is expected to reach completion in 2026—144 years after construction on it started in 1882

Innovation april 1, 2015

Business Cards Feature Raised Map of Barcelona

Studioclam designed geographical business cards for Zoom BCN, a Spanish architecture and design blog

Mobile march 9, 2015

5 MWC Gadgets That'll Keep You Cozy All Winter

Offering everything from indoor entertainment to easy wireless charging, these products will help you forget there's a cold, cold world out there

Arts & Culture november 27, 2014

Animated Fly Through Illustrates Spanish Landmark's Progress in 2015

La Sagrada Familia will undergo a series of developments over the next two years, and is set to be completed by 2026

Advertising march 18, 2014

Packaging Shows Exactly Where On The Animal Your Meat Comes From

New packaging for Barcelona meat shop Corella leaves no confusion about what you are eating.

Sustainability february 26, 2014

Palm Frond Facade Acts As Curtains For Barcelona Hotel [Pics]

The unique result redefines green building.

Work december 30, 2013

Munich Hotel Twisted Into Bizarre Configurations [Pics]

Architect Víctor Enrich takes on his city's staid aesthetic with creative deconstruction.

Technology july 26, 2013

Animation Film Pays Tribute To Various Photoshop Filters [Video]

Programming aficionados create an homage to the much-loved application.

Work june 27, 2013

Crowdsourced Open Air Street Art Galleries Reclaim Public Space [Video]

Wallpeople is a collective that brings people together to decorate empty walls around various themes.

Retail february 17, 2013

Laundromat Looks Just Like A Nightclub

A stylish take on a typically forgettable service experience.

IoT january 11, 2013

Live Music Festival Played On A Moving Bus

Orignal Buff recently organized the Non Flat Music Fest, a performance which used a moving bus as its stage.


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