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Technology november 28, 2016

ATM Let You Take Out Money Using A Phone

Customers banking with the new system can use their mobile device to quickly and seamlessly withdraw funds from their account

Financial Services july 11, 2016

Barclays Transforms Ordinary Watches Into Contactless Cards

A small attachment helps turn any device with a strap into a mobile payment tool

Innovation december 3, 2014

7 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google Glass wants to slim down while Twitter tries to block trolls as Vice, Knight Foundation and CUNY set up a fund

Work june 20, 2014

PSFK's Trending Articles This Week

Wieden + Kennedy's New York office revealed and a wearable wristband that manages your wallet.

Arts & Culture june 16, 2014

Contactless Wristband Will Take The Place Of The Credit Card

Barclays bank is introducing a wearable payment device called the bPay band.

Technology february 20, 2014

Potential Buyers Can Purchase Homes Via Their Mobile Phones

Barclays’ Pingit mobile payments service enables people to put down a deposit on a house just by scanning a QR code.

Retail december 12, 2012

Nike Bespoke Air Force One Shop In Brooklyn's New Barclays Center

Sportswear company creates a pop-up shop celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Airforce 1 basketball shoe, and the launch of its newest sneaker, Lunar Force 1.

november 5, 2012

Barclays' Talking ATMs Aid The Visually Impaired

Bank installs a built-in audio facility to three quarters of its cash machines in the U.K.

Arts & Culture july 21, 2012

Barclay’s Community Credit Card Lets Users Influence The Card's Terms [Future Of Retail]

The Barclaycard Ring lets customers submit ideas about how they think their service should be managed.

Design & Architecture july 14, 2012

PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

We review the best in design, culture, art and fashion and creative business in our weekly ‘What’s Trending Now’ roundup.

Syndicated july 10, 2012

Did Barclays Really Just Add The 'F Word' To Their Tagline?

Technology has made it easy for activists to protest brands through hacking or spoof ads.

Work march 13, 2012

Barclay's Launches The First Social Credit Card

The Barclaycard Ring will be designed and built through the power of community crowdsourcing.

Advertising december 12, 2011

Barclays Hosts "Cashless" Caroling For Charity

The banking company launches a new campaign to support the Help a Capital Child fund and promote contactless card payments.

Retail july 19, 2010

Monocolumn: Banking On Dog Biscuits

Dog biscuits are not typically associated with banks. Walk into Metro Bank, however, and you will get just that, and more.


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