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Technology august 19, 2016

Basketball Sleeve Helps You Perfect Your Shot

Multiple sensors analyze motion, recognize throws and provide instant feedback the moment a ball leaves the player's hands.

Health june 14, 2016

A Transformable Playground Invents New Games For Tiny Spaces

Seoul designers use lack of space as inspiration to launch a portable playing field

Retail june 6, 2016

Receive Personal Training From Your Favorite NBA Stars

App from NBA and Under Armour focuses on workouts, nutrition and the game

IoT february 12, 2016

The NBA Offers Advertisers A Touch of Virtual Reality

Will VR be a slam dunk for NBA and Mountain Dew?

The NBA will pilot advertisements on athlete jerseys to drive revenue for the sport (WSJ)
Mobile september 18, 2015

A Basketball That Improves Your Shooting Technique in Real Time

This smart basketball tracks statistics for during- and after-practice analysis

Work january 26, 2015

Basketball Wearable Monitors Your Shooting Skills

ShotTracker senses shot attempts, makes and misses to create a personalised profile for each user

Work october 3, 2014

Lazy Basketball Chair Lets You Sit and Shoot Around in Your Living Room

Game-ready, functional furniture for hoops fans

Innovation march 20, 2014

Discreet Office Tools Help Fans Track March Madness On The Sly

Basketball scores disguised as spreadsheets and other clever tools.

Technology march 6, 2014

NBA’s Tracking Data Reveal Players’ Every Move [Video]

Fathom Information Design created visualizations based on player tracking data.

Design & Architecture september 10, 2013

Facebook’s NYC Headquarters Designed To Inspire Creativity [Pics]

The building in Manhattan offers staffers a basketball court, vending machines with office supplies and a budget to “hack” their workspace.

Technology august 27, 2013

Sensor-Equipped Basketball Acts As A Virtual Shooting Coach

Shooters Revolution's EVO ONE uses micro-sensor technology to help players perfect their skills.

Innovation march 1, 2013

Electronic Basketball Measures Players’ Skill

The 94Fifty basketball uses embedded sensors to track a users performance and provide 'coaching' for improvement.

Home february 6, 2013

The Logic Behind The New Orleans’ Pelicans Rebranding

A decade after relocating from North Carolina, the New Orleans Hornets will change their name and logo at the end of the season.


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