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Design & Architecture october 5, 2016

Flat Pack Shelter Includes A Bathroom And Fully Equipped Kitchen

The domicile is easy to assemble and can sustain a family of four for months following a disaster

Health august 23, 2016

Google’s Latest Patent Is A Bathroom That Monitors Your Health

Once indicative of a certain commitment to hygiene, bathrooms may soon represent your wellness as much as they do your cleanliness

Technology february 2, 2016

Automated Scents are the Future of Fragrance

The future's in the air: A mood and smartphone-controlled freshener

IoT december 8, 2015

Shower Recycles 90% of the Water While You Use It

This shower system can cut your water use by a tenth with integrated filtering

Travel december 15, 2014

Finally, a Suitcase That Holds Everything — even the Kitchen Sink

Italian designers poke fun at vain travelers who pack too much with a portable washbasin styled as a suitcase

Advertising november 27, 2013

Graffiti Walls Find A Home In Dive Bar Bathrooms [Video]

New film explores the controversial art form that has now found its home in a rather unexpected place.

Home june 4, 2013

MINI’s Surprise Bathroom Airbags Discourage Applying Makeup While Driving [Video]

A campaign in Mexico placed the auto safety device in soap dispensers inside public restrooms.

Innovation august 24, 2012

Touchscreen Shower Lets Users Surf The Web While Getting Clean [Pics]

Innovative concept brings smart technology and luxury into the home bathroom.

june 13, 2012

Toothbrush Has Built-In Rinser That Directs Tap Water To Your Mouth [Video]

Inventor Scott Amron has created a toothbrush that creates a small water fountain that lets you rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.

Design & Architecture may 31, 2012

Hanging Markers Invite Users To Graffiti Bathroom Stalls [Pics]

Design studio rethinks the everyday public space with creative and quirky ideas.

Retail may 26, 2012

Design Duo Rethinks The Sink & Encourage Users To Customize It Online [NY Design Week 2012]

The Bouroullec Brothers have created a modular solution for the bathroom that lets users customize their fixture for maximum space efficiency.

Mobile may 7, 2012

IKEA Turns A Porta Potty Into A Luxury Destination

The furniture brand introduces their new bathroom line with a clever prank.

Design & Architecture march 16, 2011

Simple Hack Provides Hygiene-Friendly Solution

A brilliant design offers a guaranteed germ-free exit from the restroom.

Design & Architecture november 19, 2010

Morphing Sink Mimics The Formlessness Of Water

The 'Water Table' concept takes form when being used and is flat when not.


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