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Technology august 15, 2016

Self-Recycling Batteries Dissolve In Water When They Are Used Up

A team of Iowa State University researchers have developed a new type of energy storage device that 'washes away' once depleted

Mobile october 9, 2014
[News] The world’s first “Tesla Town” is coming to Australia
Sustainability august 12, 2014

Drones Can Now Perch on Power Lines to Recharge

MIT researchers have created flying drones that can recharge on power lines rather than returning to base when they run out of batteries

Work august 21, 2013

Location Specific Weather Forecasts Calculated By Smartphone Batteries

App developers and weather experts have created a way to use the temperature sensors built into batteries to crowdsource weather information.

This tiny generator can power wearable devices using your body heat
Design & Architecture june 21, 2013

Miniscule 3D Printed Battery Can Power Compact Electronics

World’s first power source of its kind is as small as a grain of sand.

january 4, 2013

Emergency Flashlight Works With Any Type Of Battery

Panasonic creates a handy device that accepts AAA, AA, C or D-type.

Work october 11, 2012

$13 eReader

German company txtr has introduced the small and lightweight device that lets users download ebooks through their other mobile devices.

Technology october 1, 2012

Sugar Could One Day Power Smartphones

Japanese scientists have found that hard carbon, obtained by heating up sucrose, is an effective anode material for sodium ion batteries.

Innovation august 16, 2012

Wood-Powered Batteries Made From Paper Waste

Researchers from Poland and Sweden have developed a battery made from lignin, a waste product from the paper-making process.

Sustainability february 1, 2012

Nissan Developing EV Batteries That Can Be Reused In The Home

Japanese automaker is teaming with Swiss company to create more efficient, multi-purpose energy storage device.

Arts & Culture january 21, 2012

Multi-Device Charger Will Give Extended Life To Your Dying Batteries

myCharge has a series of new products that will allow mobile devices to last significantly longer.

IoT february 11, 2011

Portable Cell Phone Charger: Just Add Water

A portable fuel-cell requires only water to provide a steady stream of electrical energy.


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