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Miniature Emergency Flashlight Runs for Three Days on Water

  • 13 october 2014
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Futuristic Battery Can Charge A Smartphone In 30 Seconds [Video]

Wireless Charger Powers Mobile Devices Using Bluetooth And Wifi

Glowing Phone Charger Shows How Much Power-Up Time Is Left

Miniscule 3D Printed Battery Can Power Compact Electronics

Paper Humidifier Flower Works Without Electricity

Honda Reuses Hybrid Batteries To Make Cars Greener

Device ‘Steals’ Excess Power From Nearby Electromagnetic Fields

Tablet Doubles As A Wireless Charger [Video]

Braking System Reduces Energy Used By High-Speed Trains

Charge A Mobile Phones By Pouring Soda Into It

Versatile AA Batteries With USB Ports Charge Devices Anywhere [Pics]

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