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Fitness / Sport august 10, 2016

Wearable Sunscreen Dispenser Provides On-The-Go Protection

Stay protected for hours at a time by keeping handy capsules on your wrist

Advertising july 22, 2016

Why Nivea’s Newest Campaign Is Getting Awful Reviews

An advertising legend publicly criticizes the ad which involves seagull drones dropping sunscreen on children at the beach

Cities july 19, 2016

Crowdfunding Campaign Makes Private New Zealand Beach Public

Almost 40,000 people donated $1.7 million to buy the plot of land and keep it out of the hands of private owners

Advertising may 5, 2016

Solar Intensity Meter Helps Keep Your Skin Healthy

A medical co-op in Brazil is raising awareness about the importance of sunscreen

Cities january 15, 2015

Touchless Sunscreen Applicator Works Just Like a Spray Tan Booth

SnappyScreen aims to make sun protection more convenient and fail-proof

Culture january 13, 2015

Robot Draws Massive Disney Characters Across The Beach

Beachbot recreates Finding Nemo and other charming characters as it scuttles across the sand

Advertising september 25, 2014

Beach Bag Shakes Out Sand without Flinging Your Belongings

Shake Totes have reversible mesh flap to keep your summer essentials safe from debris

Design september 5, 2014

Cube Creates Chessboard at the Beach

The Sandmaster is a portable cube that lets users create imprints of the chess pieces on the sand

Culture august 8, 2014

3D Sand Art Interacts with Beachgoers

Tightropes, tunnels, and skate bowls created with clever use of perspective

Advertising february 13, 2014

Submarine Hotel Offers A Romantic Getaway Under The Sea [Pics]

Romantic evenings with sunset beach walks and gourmet dinners can be bought for $285,000 a night.

Innovation june 13, 2013

Waterproof Backpack Turns Into A Beach Towel [Pics]

The WalkBag is a small-sized backpack that turns into a beach towel when flipped inside out.

Cities may 21, 2013

Color-Changing Hotel Mimics Sunrises and Sunsets [Pics]

This concept building will hopefully create a new landmark for Bayfront Park, Miami.

Culture june 25, 2012

Giant Fish Sculptures Created From Plastic Bottles Glow At Night [Pics]

Discarded waste are used to design a large art installation to promote sustainability.

Advertising august 24, 2011

Nike 6.0 Concept Combines Surfing With Environmental Protection

A new concept from the sports brand aims to both educate and entertain surfing enthusiasts and create a social experience around a coastal surf competition.


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