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Sustainability august 6, 2013

Lab-Grown Burger Loses On Flavor, Wins On Sustainability

Test-tube burger uses 60 percent less energy and 98 percent less land than normal meat

Work may 14, 2013

Test-Tube Burger Made Of Lab-Grown Meat

Beef originating from a single cell used to create the first patty straight from science.

Arts & Culture june 19, 2012

Damien Hirst Creates Formaldehyde Artwork For New London Restaurant [Pics]

The 'Cock and Bull' piece featuring a preserved cow and cockerel was made to celebrate the opening of Mark Hix's Tramshed.

Retail december 2, 2011

Customers Can Choose The Beef Breed, Location & Method Of Slaughter

Mycow gives you the option to select beef that has only come from pasture-slaughtered cows.

Technology june 10, 2011

Bacon Ipsum: Making Your Dummy Text Yummy

A new dummy text generator uses words that may leave you craving for meat after a day of designing.

Cities april 28, 2010

Amtrak’s Biodiesel Powered Train Goes For A Test Run

Amtrak is testing a passenger train fueled by bio-diesel made from beef byproducts.


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