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Technology november 29, 2016

Wearables Keep Track Of Your Pet's Health

A Kickstarter campaign wants to help pet owners understand fundamental details they could easily miss about their cats and dogs

Retail december 29, 2015

Why Behavior Can Be the Most Secure Password

Neil Costigan, CEO of Behaviosec, discusses new technologies that are being developed to better secure our online identities

[Insight] Millennials favor personal development before sex, suggests Washington Post
Luxury december 10, 2013

French Guide Helps Tourists Use Parisian Subway System Politely [Pics]

An illustrated e-book tells visitors to France how to avoid the pitfalls of rude behavior.

Work october 10, 2013

Site Asks Whether Creative's Designs Are Better Than Kittens

Conceived and built by creative agency Behaviour, the site allows provide people a new way to judge artists' designs.

Syndicated march 7, 2013

Edelman Digital: Your Content Strategy Should Not Be Real-Time

Michael Brito discusses the need for brands to think ahead when it comes to showcasing what they have to offer.

Technology june 15, 2012

Facebook To Introduce Real-Time Bidding For Advertising [Headlines]

The social network will attach a cookie to the browsers of it’s more than 900 million users allowing it to more accurately track behaviors and preferences.

Gaming & Play may 7, 2012

Ed Cotton: Brands Need Eyes In The Back Of Their Heads

Companies can only discover new opportunities by broadening their research and expanding their peripherals.

Retail february 17, 2012

Consumers Want To Own Less And Gain More [Headlines]

New research suggests that buyers prefer quality over quantity.

IoT november 14, 2011

Jan Chipchase: Four Tech Trends Propagating Right Now

The futurist identifies four key global trends to consider today.

october 28, 2011

Are You Digital Enough? Integrate, Build, Activate, Maintain [Headlines]

It's not enough to go social - you need to build a graph that sustains infrastructure and amplifies your business eco-system.

Work september 1, 2011

Inkling Digitizes Your Analog Sketches

Wacom's Inkling turns your paper sketches into digital files, and leaves us wondering if the question of changing people's ingrained behavior can sometimes be answered by simply offering them a better tool?

Advertising august 4, 2011

Second Life Authorities: Can I See Your I.D. Please?

Researches say the growing number of virtual characters in online communities has created a need to identify the real people behind aliases for marketing research and law enforcement purposes.

Travel july 30, 2011

Hotel Booking App Proposes Naughty Activities, Excuses To Tell The Boss

A new luxury travel app offers more than just advanced booking. It also gives you options for adventures to have with your partner.


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