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Work december 1, 2016

Office Shuttle Turns Commuting Into A Productive Workspace

The Office On Wheels is designed to help employees start their workday with productivity

Design & Architecture august 9, 2016

Floating House Can Be Split In Two If A Marriage Goes South

The 'Prenup House' is a conceptual structure that can easily detach if a couple decides to split

Fashion july 15, 2016

A Lingerie Brand Made All Its Male Employees Wear E-Cups For A Day

To understand what women go through, PrimaDonna outfitted their male workers with weights strapped to their chests

Technology march 2, 2015

'Highlighter for the Internet' Helps You Share What's Important brings the art of marginalia to the web

Sustainability september 29, 2014

Belgium Building an Underground Beer Pipeline

The town of Bruges has approved the construction of an underground delivery channel from brewery to bottling facility

Retail august 8, 2014

Belgian Pilot Store Offers Physical Sales Space for Novice Designers

SCOOP is a launch platform for upcoming designers and labels who lack the resources to open their own outlet

Home november 17, 2013

How Publications Can Bring Content to Life Through Tactile Experience

A publication brings history to life by providing a unique lens on analog aesthetics.

Arts & Culture september 30, 2013

Ai Weiwei Skateboards Play On His Greatest Works [Pics]

Limited edition custom skate decks feature wise words from famous Chinese artist

Travel september 3, 2013

Sunglass Lenses Replace Train Windows To Depict A Rose-Colored World

Ray-Ban let commuters see what the city would look like if they were wearing a new pair of the brand's shades.

august 21, 2013

French Fry Vending Machine Could Displace Local Street Vendors [Video]

Belgium claims it has the best french fries in the world, and now they're automated.

Work may 29, 2013

Parking Lot With Breathalyzer Stops Drunk Drivers

For the organization Responsible Young Drivers, Publicis Brussels created a barrier that stops people from operating a vehicle under the influence.

Innovation may 24, 2013

High Dining Restaurant Suspends Foodies From A Crane

Meal time takes to the skies across Europe.

Advertising february 14, 2013

Chocolate Stamps Make Mail Smell And Taste Better

Belgian post office will roll out new line of tasty postage next month.

Home december 12, 2012

Christmas Tree Created From 5000 Plates & Mugs [Pics]

Local residents donate their odd porcelain pieces to put together an impressive installation.


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