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Work may 30, 2014

Tiny Train Updates Powerless Analog Display Signs

BERG's Pixel Track is a cloud-connected display system that doesn't need any power to maintain its message.

Home february 28, 2014

Washing Machine Orders Detergent When It’s Running Low [Pics]

Just one example of how Berg aims to create a connected home.

Mobile august 4, 2013

Miniature Printer Creates Personalized Newsfeed [Future Of Home Living]

The BERG Little Printer is a device that prints out daily information and updates based on your activity.

Technology july 21, 2013

The Future Of Home Living Is Just Around The Corner

PSFK's free exhibit showcasing what our living space will look like in the next five years opens Tuesday July 23rd.

Advertising april 19, 2013

BERG Cuckoo Clock Sings When Owners Tweet [Video]

The creative agency creates a timekeeper in collaboration with Twitter.

Innovation march 20, 2013

14 Stories You Need To Know Today

Lululemon's fail, Buzzfeed's ad network and Google to unify all chat features...links to start your day with.

Design & Architecture february 28, 2013

Google & BERG Create Stand-Alone Video Chat Box [Video]

The 'Connbox' is a prototype device that connects live chat in a more physical way.

Work january 2, 2013

Google And BERG Design The Future User Interface [Video]

Experiments with 'smart light' show how we might interact with Google products in a post-screens era.

Sustainability october 28, 2012

PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON: 18 Change-Making Videos

The full list of talks by an incredible mix of artists, designers, marketers and technologists inspire our audience of creative professionals.

Technology october 14, 2012

Little Printer Prints Miniature Newspaper

The CEO introduces their latest design, the "Little Printer" that creates a miniature newspaper based on its owners interests and tastes.

Design & Architecture september 13, 2012

BERG Announces The Launch Of Web Development Tools For Its Little Printer [PSFK London]

At PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON 2012, the CEO of BERG provides details of the developers platform launched for the company's famous gadget.

Work september 10, 2012

Agenda Announced For PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON 2012

If you work in advertising or marketing, or you are a designer, an educator, or a true digital native; or just a global change-maker, there's something at this event for you.

Technology august 14, 2012

Little Printer Pre-Orders Start Today

Design consultancy BERG opens its analog-digital device to pre-orders starting today.

Home may 22, 2012

Router Displays The Path Data Takes In Real-Time [Video]

BERG and Ericsson’s User Experience Lab design a router with a screen that shows the path the information takes.


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