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Technology january 6, 2015

CES 2015: Volvo Concept Helmet Warns You Of Potential Accidents

The automotive company aims to reduce cyclist fatalities with world-first technology that connects cycle helmets with cars.

Design & Architecture january 5, 2015

Collapsible Helmet Provides Fashion, Function and Brand Heritage

The classic Brooks England bicycle brand teams up with Carrera to design a fashionable bike helmet

Technology february 12, 2014

How Cyclists’ Brain Data Can Improve Urban Planning

The new version of the MindRider helmet is GPS-equipped to log geo-located brain data.

Arts & Culture december 7, 2012

Bike Helmet Made From Corrugated Cardboard

The ‘Kranium’ features a unique paper board that helps absorb 3 times the amount of impact.

Design & Architecture october 22, 2012

Bike Helmet With Retractable Sunglasses

The Dux Helm makes cycling in the sunshine easier with its integrated lens, which can be retracted, removed, or replaced.

Retail october 4, 2012

15 Stories You Need To Know Today

Why Sweden does the Internet 'best', the iPad mini is in production, and Facebook fights back against accusations that their advertising isn't effective...Links to start your day with.

Work march 28, 2012

Helmet Walkie Talkies Keep Cyclists In Constant Communication

Cardo BK-1 is the world's first Bluetooth communications and entertainment system for bicycle helmets.


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