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Work november 20, 2015

A Light Folding Bike That Weighs as Much as Four Pineapples

The Hummingbird Bike is made out of carbon fibre and weighs only 6.5 kg

Innovation march 17, 2015

Aerodynamic Umbrella for Your Bike

LEAFXPRO is an elegant way to cycle through the elements

Technology january 14, 2015

Bike's Connected Handlebar Alerts Community If Stolen

Boréal Bikes' smrtGRiPS provides haptic feedback, audible alarms & community alerts

Technology january 6, 2015

CES 2015: Volvo Concept Helmet Warns You Of Potential Accidents

The automotive company aims to reduce cyclist fatalities with world-first technology that connects cycle helmets with cars.

Sustainability january 6, 2015

CES 2015: Connected Cycle Will Track Down Bike Thieves

High-technology pedals advantageous to traditional bikes, allows cyclists to track whereabouts of their ride via smartphone

Design & Architecture december 11, 2014

Biomega Creates Popup Bike Share at Design Miami/ 2014

Visitors could sign out a special edition bike with the option to purchase it

Design & Architecture december 5, 2014

Smart Bike Tracks Performance, Gives Directions, Generates Own Juice

Tech-savvy cyclists in China may be in for the (healthy and safe) ride of their lives in 2015

Design & Architecture november 13, 2014

Foldable Electric Bike Upgrades Commuting

A portable electric bike folds to backpack size when not in use, allowing riders to use public transportation with no problems

Sustainability august 19, 2014

Abandoned Bicycles Converted into Blossoming Planters

Saddle Blossoms project transforms old bikes into art and inspires city to clean up streets

Advertising march 26, 2014

Real-Time Abandoned Bike Map Aims To Free Up Locking Spaces In NY

Dead Pedal NY features shots of abandoned bicycles on the streets taken with Instagram.

Design & Architecture february 12, 2014

How A 3D-Printed Bike Frame Redefines The Design Process [Pics]

Using new manufacturing techniques this model is over a third lighter than a traditional bike frame.

Retail december 31, 2013

Bike Part Vending Machine Appears In Brooklyn

Tubes, oil, ponchos, patch kits, drinks and more located in this all-in-one bike repair machine.

Innovation october 21, 2013

Bike Wheel Add-On Turns Unused Space Into Cargo Storage [Pics]

Design project imagines a bike wheel functioning similarly to the trunk of a car.

Arts & Culture august 22, 2013

Life-Size Assembly Kits Pop Out To Create Household Tools [Pics]

Miniature models get super sized to create these items necessary for adult life.


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