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[Stat] Big data and business analytics industries predicted to have double digit growth until at least 2020
Syndicated august 17, 2016

The Big Data Driving Formula 1 Performance

It’s the small things that matter in allowing a high-speed enterprise to stay in pole position

Advertising july 6, 2016

How Advertisers Can Amplify Impact Through Context

New report from PSFK Labs explores how advertisers can increase relevance by harnessing micro-moments and personal preference

[Insight] Search queries can help identify early symptoms of diseases, says Microsoft
Technology april 6, 2016

Why Labor Over Work Expenses When AI Can Do It For You?

Expense reporting software takes the tedium out of the task

Technology march 30, 2016

IBM Watson Can Now Detect Joy and Sadness

Envisioning a world where machines have feelings, Watson might be the first

Work february 9, 2016

Can We Reverse Diabetes Through Lifestyle GPS?

We speak to the co-founder of an AI startup aimed at ridding the world of diabetes

Retail january 14, 2016

The Top 5 Talks To See At NRF 2016

PSFK Labs selects not-to-miss panels, discussions and educational sessions at this weekend’s National Retail Federation Convention

Work october 12, 2015

In Artificial Intelligence, Anything is Possible

PSFK speaks with Creative Technologist Claudia Perlich about how machine learning is impacting advertising

Partner Content september 15, 2015

The Power of the Cloud is Enhancing Our Decision Making

The Internet of Things, where everyday objects are connected, is leading to better sleep cycles, weather prediction via smart umbrellas, and more effective tornado warning systems

Arts & Culture june 3, 2015

Trade in Your Browsing Data for a Fair Share of Prizes

The Big Data band lets you give up your browsing privacy for real rewards, perhaps teaching you a lesson about our double-edged relationship with tech in the process

Innovation may 21, 2015

Better Living Through Big Data [PSFK 2015]

Whether we like it or not, we live in a world of data; at PSFK 2015 we gathered a panel of three data aficionados for insight on its current state and prospective future

Editors Pick april 29, 2015

The Watson Ecosystem Will Pull Us Out of the Big Data Dark Age

Cognitive computing offers a brave new world where data isn’t just collected but harnessed for the greater good

Op-Ed march 6, 2015

FutureCast: Millennials Inspired the Beginning of AgileData

The future of successful brands relies on their adoption of a quickly informing data set


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