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Syndicated november 18, 2016

Could Chicago's Floating Cycle Path Reconnect The City?

Plans for a continuous route along the Chicago River include cycling on floating pontoons

Syndicated august 1, 2016

How Plans To Make Bicycle-Friendly Cities Have Evolved Over 30 Years

Attempts to make the capital more amenable for cycling have been underway for more than three decades

Work march 14, 2016

Inside the Story of How Cycling Changed New York

How New York City transformed itself with 400 miles of cycling routes

Arts & Culture september 30, 2015

Is Shared Biking Strictly for the Affluent?

As seen in London, ambitious cycling plans have many laudable aims but their delivery must be kept under proper scrutiny

Travel november 1, 2013

What We Can All Learn From Japan's Amazing Cycling Culture

The Japanese have developed a practical attitude when it comes to cycling — they even share pavement.

Technology february 11, 2013

Should Lance Armstrong Be Banned From Quantified Self Platforms?

Still an active participant on Strava -- a social media fitness platform, the cyclist is irritating fellow contributors.

Work november 9, 2012

Spoof Website Pokes Fun At Luxury Cycling Brand

A group of cyclists in Portland, Oregon, has created an elaborate parody of the London-based company, Rapha.

Home september 18, 2012

Artists And Businesses Have Come To Worship The Bicycle

Bikes have captured the public imagination and are being idealized as icons by the creative and corporate communities.

Sustainability july 2, 2012

How Sydney Got Non-Cyclists On Two Wheels

An initiative to improve facilities and reduce fear of traffic has led to rapid growth in commuting by bicycle, with numbers up by 82% in two years.

Cities may 10, 2012

Largest Bike-Share Program In US Launches In New York, Puts 10,000 Bikes On The Street

Bloomberg announces 'Citibike' for NYC, but critics are already attacking the program for being 'too expensive.'

Syndicated march 29, 2012

Headphones For Biking

Specially designed headphones allows you to stay focused while cycling and still enjoy music.


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