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Retail december 31, 2013

Bike Part Vending Machine Appears In Brooklyn

Tubes, oil, ponchos, patch kits, drinks and more located in this all-in-one bike repair machine.

Work may 17, 2012

Triple Pundit: How Biking Has Become Part Of Levi's Brand Culture

Jason McBriarty shares how cyclist commuter culture at the denim company has grown to be an integrated part of its ethos.

Cities september 27, 2010

Google Explores A Pedal-Powered Public Monorail System

The company is funding a user-powered transportation system as a way to explore innovation in public transit.

Sustainability august 12, 2010

SoBi Social Bicycle System

A bike sharing service currently in development will integrate authorization, tracking, and security systems with individual bikes.

Design & Architecture june 16, 2010

More Reasons To Love Riding A Bike

The "Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle" show examines the resurgence of the hand-built bicycle.

Mobile june 3, 2010

Nokia's Bike-Powered Charger

A new device uses natural activity to generate electricity.

Technology may 14, 2010

Wireless Tracking Devices Reward Green Behavior With Automatic Bank Savings

Monetary incentives and green ideals may help us become more comfortable with devices tracking our habits.

Arts & Culture march 22, 2010

BioLogic Bike Holster For iPhone Display

This BioLogic bike mount gives bikers easy access to their iPhones while riding.

Cities august 28, 2009
Work july 24, 2009

Hirst Uses Real Butterflies On Lance Armstrong Tour De France Bike

Artist Damien Hirst has used the bodies of real butterflies on the frame of a Trek bikes for Lance Armstrong’s final stretch of the Tour De France 09. He spread the butterflies across the bike’s frame and onto the rims.

Sustainability june 11, 2009
Design & Architecture may 13, 2009
Innovation february 16, 2009

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