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Cities september 18, 2015

Brazil's Bike Loaning Service Includes Training Wheels

With Rollaway Bicycle, kids who can't afford a bike can still learn to ride

Travel june 20, 2014

Paris To Launch Bike Sharing For Kids

Scaled-down bicycles get kids involved with eco-friendly initiatives early.

Technology april 16, 2014

Never Miss The Bus Again With This Street-Projected Public Transport Tracker

Transit information for trains, buses, and even bike sharing services shown on sidewalks.

Innovation april 2, 2014

Video Charts All The Citi Bike Rides Taken In 48 Hours

Data from 75,000 trips over two days turned into an insightful visualization.

Technology october 15, 2013

Keyless Lock Enables Cheap Peer-To-Peer Bike Sharing

BitLock is a Bluetooth-enabled bike lock that uses a smartphone as the key.

Work october 4, 2013

Cafe Offers Free Bike Ride With Every Cup Of Coffee

In a fresh take on bike-sharing, network of local cafes started a program for historic district.

Retail may 29, 2013

Helmet Rental Vending Machines Keep Bikers Safe On-The-Go

Boston will be the first city in the United States to offer helmets at bike-share locations.

Cities april 11, 2013

First Look At NYC Bikeshare Stations

The anticipated and delayed 'Citi Bike NYC' program will be launching next month with 5,500 bicycles.

Mobile october 12, 2012

Bike Sharing Vending Machine Fits 32 Bikes In The Equivalent Of 1 Parking Spot

'T-Bike' by designer Jung Tak is a great solution for cities with limited space issues that encloses bicycles in vertical racks.

Mobile october 10, 2012

Urban Cycle System Lets Riders Lock Their Bike Anywhere Using A Smartphone

The viaCycle platform lets users secure the system’s bicycles to any bike rack using their phone, instead of having to leave them at designated locking hubs.

Innovation april 2, 2012

Ride Share Start-Up Pokes Fun At The Ride-Sharing Craze [Video]

Zimride created a parody launch video that shows people riding on the handlebars as part of a "vehicle sharing" initiative.

Advertising september 6, 2011

Are Modern Products Good Enough To Allow For Collaborative Consumption?

As we stared at a flat tire on our Parisian shared-bike, we wondered whether stuff is created these days to be overly used.

Sustainability july 8, 2011

SoBi Needs Your Help To Bring Bike Sharing To NYC

Social Bikes looks for public financial assistance on Kickstarter to launch its pilot fleet in NYC this fall.

Cities september 27, 2010

Google Explores A Pedal-Powered Public Monorail System

The company is funding a user-powered transportation system as a way to explore innovation in public transit.


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