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Advertising june 20, 2016

Free Bikes Given Away In Exchange For Becoming A Rolling Advertisement

A London-based company is developing a series of new technologies that could turn bikes into a huge media platform

Automotive june 7, 2016

Uber Amsterdam Picks Up Bicyclists In A Rut

UberBike lets riders order a rack-equipped car for their rides home

Design june 3, 2016

This Bike Was Created To Be Completely Theft-Proof

Have we finally found a theft-proof bike?

Automotive april 25, 2016

Your Bike Tires May Be Able To Pump Themselves As You Ride

PumpTire uses the rhythmic compression of the rotating wheel to maintain pressure

Automotive january 20, 2016

Add Your Wheels to a Rentable Cycle Network That Spans the Globe

From China to Australia, borrow a bike, or turn your own into a rental

Design june 25, 2014

Customizable Ringtone Bell Makes Cycling Safer And More Fun

The MYBELL allows for riders to project any sound at high volumes, like a ringtone for bikes.

Advertising march 26, 2014

Real-Time Abandoned Bike Map Aims To Free Up Locking Spaces In NY

Dead Pedal NY features shots of abandoned bicycles on the streets taken with Instagram.

Design february 12, 2014

How A 3D-Printed Bike Frame Redefines The Design Process [Pics]

Using new manufacturing techniques this model is over a third lighter than a traditional bike frame.

Advertising december 31, 2013

Bike Part Vending Machine Appears In Brooklyn

Tubes, oil, ponchos, patch kits, drinks and more located in this all-in-one bike repair machine.

Cities december 13, 2013

New Bike Prototype Purifies The Air As You Pedal

A new bike concept from Thailand does the dirty work of actual air purification.

Cities october 4, 2013

Cafe Offers Free Bike Ride With Every Cup Of Coffee

In a fresh take on bike-sharing, network of local cafes started a program for historic district.

Design june 7, 2013

Bike-Mounted Spray Keeps Summer Cyclists Cool

The Q-Fog attaches to a bike's handlebars and allows bikers to cool down by misting themselves.

Cities may 31, 2013

PSFK Pick’s: Best Bike Stories Of The Week

Top bike tech, accessories and ideas to launch the cycling season in NYC.

Advertising may 3, 2013

PSFK Picks: The Best Accessories For The City Savvy Biker

From handlebars that log ride stats to fashionable cycling clothes for women, this list features the latest bicycle swag.


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